Technology and Project Management in the Legal Profession

Posted 28 April 2017 2:43pm

The role that technology and project management could play in providing corporate legal advice is a relevant one for law firms as clients demand lower costs and higher quality legal advice.

Legal technology solutions can help law firms achieve cost efficiencies through automated processes for administrative tasks. To utilise differing technologies, law firms will need to change the composition of their staff to include fewer general support staff members and more legal technicians and project managers.

One multinational firm that participated in a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, titled ‘How Legal Technology Will Change the Business of Law’, has set up a legal project management department staffed with lawyers who focus solely on managing large complex cases. Thus lawyers will need to develop a skill set that includes knowledge of software, as well as legal project management skills.

Indeed, legal project management is an emerging discipline in the legal sector. Project management, a profession in its own right, could provide a useful skill set for lawyers in conducting corporate litigation or major procurement contracts.

If lawyers developed both their project management and technology knowledge, the combination of these efficiencies would drastically change the management of legal practices. Skills could improve team work and delegation, accelerate planning and costing, and improve delivery on client expectations.

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