Five Ways Emerging Technology Will Improve Your Practice - Managing your Litigation Workflow (Part 1)

Posted 17 May 2017 12:29pm

The pioneering litigation tools created by firms such as PacerPro, Allegory Law, and Case Text were on display at a recent forum in San Francisco and it was evident that they are set to have a significant impact on the management of litigation workflows. Each of the panellists, CEOs of the aforementioned companies, demonstrated that their products would integrate neatly into the day-to-day handling of litigation matters. Gavin McGrane of PacerPro, demonstrated that his service ensured that everyone received a copy of the filing and is notified of its status. This is distinct from the more sophisticated analysis offered by Casetext’s Jake Heller, who demonstrated that his tool was capable of analysing legal documents and highlighting omitted case law. Similarly, Alma Asay of Allegory proved that her technology could examine filing and place it within the broader context of the matter as well as undertaking a rudimentary analysis. 

What these products demonstrate is that technologies ought not to be consumed or considered as detached products, and rather, that they should be considered as part of the workflow fabric – as part of the team. The products increase efficiency and allow litigators an additional safeguard that they are following proper procedure, or in some cases ensuring glaring omissions are not made from filing documents. The true potential of these tech tools can only be harnessed if the firm is willing to ensure that it is included as part of a common interface and workflow process. This integration has become increasingly possible with the emergence of cloud computing and advanced application programming interfaces (API). It is essential for firms to consider not only how well the program performs its assigned task, but also how effectively it integrates into the overall workflow of the firm. If it meets both of these criteria then the firm will be able to improve their productivity and ensure client satisfaction.

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