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Commercial IPOs requiring greater depth of legal expertise Friday, 27th March 2015 The demand for legal experts to work on commercial IPO listings is likely to remain high over coming months, according to recent research. Read more
Cybersecurity a growing legal issue Friday, 27th March 2015 The importance of cybersecurity for legal departments is continuing to grow, according to a recent study from the US into this expanding sector. Read more
Law firms considering mergers with other professional services Thursday, 26th March 2015 The legal sector is changing rapidly, with a majority of firms feeling the future of the industry lies in mergers with other professional services. Read more
Legal market "in a state of flux" Wednesday, 25th March 2015 Legal firms in Australia have reported an increase in pressure from clients and a competitive industry, with the market currently in a state of flux. Read more
ASIC puts focus on the legal risks of a security breach Tuesday, 24th March 2015 According to ASIC, major companies need to do more to manage the legal and regulatory implications of a cybersecurity breach. Read more
Professional services recording strongest employment growth Monday, 23rd March 2015 The professional services sector has emerged as the leading source of employment growth in Australia, according to recent figures from the ABS. Read more
Small Business Ombudsman legislation moves forward Friday, 20th March 2015 Family enterprises are in line for additional support, following the recent announcement of new federal legislation to create a small business ombudsman. Read more
Time and talent acquisition remain concerns for Australian legal firms Thursday, 19th March 2015 Australian law firms are aware of their strengths, but hiring and internal processes continue to be areas they are struggling with. Read more
Legal firms investing in growth initiatives Monday, 16th March 2015 Lateral hiring and boosting revenue are expected to be the areas which legal firms focus on in the coming year, according to recent research. Read more
Risk Factors Saturday, 2nd April 2011 Understanding the set of complex experiences that lead to a damaged window is critical to understanding the people for whom we come to work every day. In the end, understanding this complex set of experiences is critical to doing what we do well. Read more